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Speed Reading Software

FReader or Efficient Reader is an innovative computer program designed to improve reading skills.
FReader includes exercises designed to continuously improve reading skills; for example, to expand visual span. In addition reading tests are performed at the beginning of each session and finally the results for each kind of exercise or test are logged. Each user can then track his progression.


Various reading modes will provide an impressive acceleration of reading pace within each training session. At the same time they will help the user develop new reading habits. The user will also memorize the principles of efficient reading and learn exercises to apply when reading books. A computer program is the only way these reading aids can be effectively exploited.
The training program focuses on reading all words, that is integral reading. Partial reading techniques like skimming require a fast perception of words and rapid reading of short passages. Integral reading is thus the basis of all speed reading techniques.

more Learning theory while practicing
more Efficiency


No claim is made on any standard validity of comprehension/speed tests. Reading tests were designed for the purpose of determining comprehension with this program. Any person suffering from epilepsy, or any tendancy toward photo-sensitive disease, should not use this program. By using this software where others can run it, you agree that the authors are not responsible for any injury, imaginary or real.
FReader provides no texts adapted to children. Users should be over 16 years of age. Slow reading with speeds of around 100 wpm could be due to dyslexia. Many dyslexic troubles have a phonological source and visual enhancement methods will not improve reading for these persons.

Before paying...

Before paying be sure that everything is fine for your environment.
If you don't have done it before, you can try an exercise and a guided reading now.
- Try an exercise (a drill)
- Try a guided reading
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You will have full access to the exercises and to the guided readings.
Particularly all the texts on the theory are included. In addition the new features are:
- the possibility to add your own texts,
- multi-languages (now english and french),
- a tool for sharing your FReader with your family and your friends: the groups,
- special layouts for small screens.
The price is now very low:
One language, one month 4.99 USD
One language, one year 14.99 USD
Two languages, one year 19.99 USD

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Small screens

Did you know?
President Kennedy read at 1,200 words per minute with 100% comprehension. How did he do it? He took a speed reading course. You can learn to read the right way and overcome common reading problems!
If you have too much to read,
if your mind wanders when you read,
if you have difficulty remembering what you have read,
if you have to re-read material two or three times,
your career and personal life will benefit greatly by taking a course.

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