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For registered users

Log in

The user must enter their username and password and then press the Go command.
To use the program FReader you must be registered and have confirmed this registration by paying with PayPal.

Access remains
not possible

After paying with PayPal you may check the list of payments and your identification (username).

Lost password

Users who have paid with PayPal benefit from an automatic service to receive by email the lost password.

For Visitors

Visit and tests

A quick overview of FReader with the opportunity of trying some exercises and guided reading.


It's very simple to register to FReader.

For members enrolled in a group
(schools, businesses, communities, churches or other)

Log in

A member of a group (family, school, community, business, church or other) needs to access the specific home page for the group. He can do so by introducing the identification of the group and press the button 'Group'.

Lost identification of the group

The group members have received from their Administrator all necessary information. Only this person is authorized to respond to problems.
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