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FReader demo

FReader is the way to improve reading skills.

How to benefit from FReader is to subscribe and, moreover, at a very low price.

No downloading, no installation. Only a browser and an internet link.

All the exercises, readings and texts from the "historical" (1998) version are included. Particularly all the texts on the theory are included. In addition the new features are:
  • An access with a browser;
  • The possibility to add texts;
  • Multi-languages (now english and french);
  • More drills and more texts;
  • A tool for sharing FReader and coaching readers: the groups (see later);
  • Special layouts for small screens;
  • The possibility to add lists of words for the drills in every languages;
  • And... new features are continuously proposed.

How to proceed?

Please complete the form on the right:
  • Choose an unique identifier for the Username. If the proposed identifier is not accepted, try an other one.
  • Give a name and a password. They can be changed later.
  • Pay the corresponding amount using PayPal
  • Go to efficientreader.com and start working!

FReader is NOW very cheap!

  • One language (english or french), one month: 4.99 USD
  • One language (english or french), one year: 14.99 USD
  • All languages (english and french), one month: 6.99 USD
  • All languages (english and french), one year: 19.99 USD


The informations given by the user are confidential.
Strictly no use is made of these informations.
There is no automatic renewal!

Who may use FReader?

Almost everyone can use FReader. This is a complete tool, easy to use and ... very cheap. It is well documented with videos as examples.
Any person suffering from epilepsy, or any tendancy toward photo-sensitive disease, should not use this program. FReader provides no texts adapted to children. Slow reading with speeds of around 100 wpm could be due to dyslexia. Many dyslexic troubles have a phonological source and visual enhancement methods will not improve reading for these persons.

Sharing FReader and coaching readers: the groups

An important novelty introduced in the latest version of FReader is the possibility for the user to create a group. The following paragraphs are a tentative to explain what it is.

Who may create a group?

Every FReader user (and subscriber) may create one or more groups. The user becomes the Administrator of his groups.

Why create a group?

The group is the way to give a specific and controled access to FReader for the members

Who enrole members into a group?

Only the Administrator may enrole people (called members) into his groups.

What kind of groups are provided?

The most commun group is the Family group. It's free of charges. It's limited to four members.
The other groups are Business, Community, Church, School...

What's the interest to create a group?

The main reason is to provide the best to improve the education of its members.
It is also a channel to encourage the reading of certain texts.


Each group has a specific welcome page which may include collectif and individual messages from the Administrator to the member. The member may directly answer.
The Administrator has a complete access to all the information related to the members. He may add and suppress texts.

Who pay?

The Administrator pays for creating a group (except for the Family group). The fees are NOW very, very low: between 2.00 and 3.00 USD per member/year.

Can you help people and so win money with a group?

For example, a school may sell access to FReader via its group. A qualified person who provides an access to FReader to his group may ask money for giving an help and coaching, in accordance with the laws of the country.


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